On-SOM identification has been added to the phyCORE-AM572x. This new feature uses the on-board EEPROM to store information about the SOM configuration which can then be read by the software to automatically make adjustments for the hardware. The SOM eID is a solution to simplify software management for OEMs that support multiple hardware targets as well as maintain backward compatibility when there are software impacted part revisions. 

Support for the SOM eID feature was added in the BSP-Yocto-TISDK-AM57xx-PD18.1.0 release. In this implementation the eID is read on boot to configure the target's RAM settings and load the applicable device tree binary. This allows for seamless evaluation of the different phyCORE-AM572x Standard Part offerings (populated with varying AM5826/AM5728, DDR3, and eMMC) on the phyCORE-AM572x rapid development kit platform. 

PHYTEC phyCORE-AM572x SOMs are shipped with the eID programmed on the EEPROM. To learn more about the data stored on the device and how to program the EEPROM check out the EEPROM Flashtool Application Note