This how-to will describe, in general, how to build an SDK from your Yocto image.


Yocto provides a command for building a self-contained SDK. The generated SDK installer contains everything necessary to begin target application development on a host machine.

Build the SDK:

Configure your development host as described in the respective Quickstart.

In the build directory, execute bitbake with the "populate_sdk" command for the machine and image you are using:

cd $YOCTO_DIR/build
MACHINE=<machine_name> bitbake <image_name> -c populate_sdk

Once bitbake completes, you will find your SDK in the ..../deploy/sdk/ directory. Reference the Quickstart for your build's "deploy" directory path. Execute the SDK install script to install the SDK components on your host development machine.

As part of the SDK, an environment-setup* file is created. Each time you wish to use the SDK in a new shell session, you need to source the environment setup script.

Now that you have the SDK installed, you can set up your host machine for target machine application development. See How to Set Up Yocto Plugin for Eclipse