A brand new Linux Board Support Package for the phyCORE-AM57x System on Module is now available:


Based on TI's latest Processor SDK v06.02

  • Linux Kernel: v4.17.79
  • U-Boot: v2019.01
  • Yocto: v2.6 (Thud)

In addition to updating to TI's latest SDK release, BSP-Yocto-TISDK-AM57xx-PD20.1.0 includes support for new variants of the phyCORE-AM57x SOM.

  • PHYTEC now supports all of TI's AM574x processor variants, including the AM5749, AM5748, and AM5746.  These variants target mission-critical applications and include features like secure boot, DDR ECC, and cryptographic acceleration!
  • PHYTEC also added support for TI's AM5729 processor variant which includes four Embedded Vision Engine (EVEs)!

Check out the Release Notes for further details on pre-built binaries and documentation to get started working with your phyCORE-AM57 Development Kit!

Email sales@phytec.com to request samples or for a volume quote.