Hardware Manual, Component Placement, Mechanical Files.

Hardware Documents

Hardware Documents



Component Placement Diagram (SOM)


Component Placement Diagram (Carrier Board)



Gain access to the phyCORE-AM57x SOM and development kit schematics by registering a support account at the following link: https://jira.phytec.com/servicedesk/customer/user/signup

And then submit a schematic request with this link: https://jira.phytec.com/servicedesk/customer/portal/3/create/103

Mechanical Files

phyCORE-AM57x SOM (PCB: PL1428.x)

File TypeDownloadPublished
3D Model2019-12-10

phyCORE-AM57x Carrier Board (PCB: PL1435.x)

File TypeDownloadPublished
3D Model2018-02-27

PHYTEC makes every effort to produce reasonably accurate 3D models. Our models are based on a mixture of parts provided by component manufacturers, component vendors, online 3D model databases, Mentor 3D model database and custom in-house modeled parts. The accuracy of models may vary to some extent from their real world counterparts both in dimensional accuracy and feature details. While we have generally found our models to be quite accurate to the boards we produce, PHYTEC does not make any guarantees to model accuracy. When high accuracy and precision are required in your application, we encourage you to make real world measurements and compare them against our 3D models to best ensure proper mechanical fit. Likewise, model feature details should also be examined and compared to their real world counterparts.

Pin Muxing

Use the following resources to plan your carrier board design and select the pin multiplex setting for each processor pad using TI's Pinmuxing tool.



Reference file for PHYTEC Hardware


TI pin mux tool configuration file


Connector Information

Custom Parts, 2x High Density Connectors 160 pins (2 rows of 70 pins)

Samtec Part NumbersPart InformationSTEP file 

phyCORE-Connector (phyCORE-AM57x SOM)

Schematic Reference Designator: X1, X2


Order using custom Part#: (REF-178709-03)

Mating Connector

Schematic Reference Designator (PHYTEC Carrier Board): X1, X3

Email sales@phytec.com to request samples or for a volume quote.

Carrier Board Connector Footprint