Reported issues with workaround, fixes, and schedule

Processor Silicon Rev 2.0 Errata

The phyCORE-AM57x development kits are using TI's Silicon Revision 2.0.  Below is a list of errata from TI, which will be addressed in a future silicon revision.

phyCORE-AM57x Development Kit Known Issues

Open Hardware and Software Issues

IDInterfaceAffected HW VersionAffected SW VersionDetails


Planned Fix


N/AAM57x6 SOMsBSP-Yocto-TISDK-AM57xx-PD19.1.xAll MACHINE targets for the AM5726- and AM5716-based SOMs are incompatible with building for the arago-core-tisdk-image and phytec-tisdk-image image targets

Workaround: use the arago-base-tisdk-image image target instead, or use the am57xx-phycore-kit MACHINE target which includes support for AM5716 and AM5726 SOMs


Multimedia encode and decodephyCORE-AM57x development kitBSP-Yocto-TISDK-AM57xx-PD19.1.xImage target phytec-tisdk-image does not include ipumm-fw package and causes programs that rely upon /dev/rpmsp-dce to not function

Workaround: use tisdk-rootfs-image which includes the ipumm-fw package, or download the firmware from Artifactory and copy it to the root filesystem directory /lib/firmware. Configure the firmware to automatically load on boot by running the following commands on the target:

rm /lib/firmware/dra7-ipu2-fw.xem4
ln -s /lib/firmware/dra7-ipu2-fw.xem4.ipumm-fw /lib/firmware/dra7-ipu2-fw.xem4

Open Software Issues from TI

Texas Instruments Known Issues (U-Boot)

Texas Instruments Known Issues (Linux Kernel)

Resolved Hardware and Software Issues



QSPIPossible read failures on flash devices with HOLD function (Erratum i916). A software workaround has been implemented to limit QSPI to DIO-SPI mode. The hardware workaround is to disable internal pull-ups and add 10k pull-ups on X_QSPI1_D2 and X_QSPI1_D3phyCORE-AM57x SOM (PCM-057) PCB revision 1428.4 includes the hardware workaround and QSPI is no longer limited to DIO-SPI mode in software


eMMC, NANDU-Boot environment can only be saved to and loaded from MMC/SD (FAT)Resolved in PD19.1.1


PCIeSome PCIe devices cause an intermittent hang during boot due to CPU frequency changesResolved in PD19.1.1