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This is an ALPHA BSP and is intended for evaluation purposes only. PHYTEC will not support development on ALPHA BSPs once a non-ALPHA release is made available.

This BSP provides a basis for development, deployment, and execution of Linux based applications on the phyCORE-AM65x System on Module (SOM). For detailed information on the various software components included in the release and how to use them, please refer to the BSP Development Guide.



Linux Kernel5.4.74 (Based on TI SDK 07.01)PHYTEC Source Repo
U-Boot2020.01 (Based on TI SDK 07.01)PHYTEC Source Repo
Yocto3.1 (Dunfell) (Based on TI SDK 07.01)PHYTEC Source Repo
Host OSTested on 64-bit Ubuntu 18.04 LTSUbuntu 18.04 Release

Yocto Machine Configuration Table

This BSP releases supports the phyCORE-AM65x Development Kit and also allows configuration options for different SOMs to be used with the kit carrier board (PCM-941). By default, only the standard kit configuration will be in the table. If you have a different SOM, use the filters below to search by the SOM part number. The U-Boot defconfig and kernel device tree file names are important when creating custom U-Boot and Linux kernel images outside of Yocto development, or modifying Yocto source for further use.

Yocto Machine Config

Yocto Machine Name


Kit Part Number


SOM Part Number

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U-Boot defconfig



Kernel Device Tree File


Linux Device Tree Summary

This is a summary of how the device tree files and the various includes are broken down, using the phyCORE-AM65x development kit as an example:

Hardware TargetDevice Tree File DescriptionsFilename

phyCORE-AM65x Development Kit

(SD enabled, WiFi disabled)

Default Build Target
SOM (superset) - enables all SOM featuresk3-am65xx-phycore-som.dtsi
Carrier Boardk3-am65xx-pcm-941.dtsi
PHYTEC LCD-018-KAP-070 support (overlay)k3-am65xx-phytec-lcd-018.dtso

Additional, optional functionality can be enabled with the following kernel device tree overlays: k3-am65xx-phytec-expansion-sample.dtbo, k3-am65xx-phytec-wlan.dtbo

Compatible Hardware

Supported Hardware Versions

Hardware DescriptionPart Number

Configuration Details

(Processor / DDR4 / eMMC / WiFi / Ethernet / Temp)

PCB Version

PCM-067-482E421I0AM6548 / 2GB DDR4 with 1GB ECC / 4GB eMMC / Sterling LWB 2.4 GHz / Gigabit Ethernet / Industrial1498.2
phyCORE-AM65x Carrier Board



Compatible Expansion Boards and Accessories

Module NamePart NumberPCB VersionDescription
7" Display with Capacitive Touch


1365.1EDT ETM0700G0DH6 TTL 7" display with capacitive touch
Expansion Bus Prototyping BoardPCM-9571351.0

Expansion Bus Breakout and Prototype Board

BSP Download 

Pre-built images of BSP-Yocto-TISDK-AM65xx-ALPHA4 can be downloaded from the link below:

BSP-Yocto-TISDK-AM65xx-ALPHA4 Release

BSP Development Guide

BSP Development Guide

BSP Features

The following table lists the interfaces available from the phyCORE-AM65x SOM. 

  • Support - the interface has software support available in BSP
  • Tested  - the interface has been configured and tested by PHYTEC 
  • Status in Device Tree - the corresponding device tree nodes are enabled in the device tree

SOC InterfaceSupport (Linux)Support (U-Boot)DetailTestedStatus in Device TreeNotes
  • used by Sterling-LWB module
  • expansion connector
  • Connector U23 (USB Micro-AB debug UART)
  • Connector U23 (USB Micro-AB debug UART)
  • Header X14 (general purpose UART)
wkup_uart0YesDisabled 1
  • used by mikroBUS
  • expansion connector
UART (PRU-ICSS)NoNoprg0_uart0NoDisabled 3
prg1_uart0NoDisabled 3
prg2_uart0NoDisabled 3


  • used by EEPROM (default jumper option)
  • used by mikroBUS
  • used by RTC
  • expansion connector
  • used by Trusted Platform Module
  • used by CSI0 (Camera)
main_i2c2NoDisabled 2
main_i2c3NoDisabled 2
mcu_i2c0NoDisabled 1
  • used by EEPROM (alt. jumper option)
  • expansion connector
  • used by VCC_MPU Processor Core Supply
  • used by LCD-018 touchscreen controller
  • expansion connector
  • DP83867IRRGZ PHY on SOM (ETH0)
Ethernet (PRU-ICSS)YesYesprg0_rgmii1NoDisabled 2
prg0_rgmii2NoDisabled 2
  • DP83867IRRGZ PHY on Carrier Board (ETH1)
  • DP83867IRRGZ PHY on Carrier Board (ETH2)
prg2_rgmii1NoDisabled 1
  • expansion connector
prg2_rgmii2NoDisabled 1
  • expansion connector
Industrial Ethernet (PRU-ICSS)NoNoprg0_iep0No

Disabled 3

prg0_iep1NoDisabled 3
prg1_iep0NoDisabled 3
prg1_iep1NoDisabled 3
prg2_iep1NoDisabled 3


  • Header X15 (CAN0)
mcu_mcan1NoDisabled 3
  • expansion connector


  • USB A connector on Carrier Board (USB0)
  • USB Micro-AB connector on Carrier Board (USB1)
  • used by eMMC Flash
  • used by Sterling-LWB module on SOM
  • used by SD card reader on Carrier Board
  • used by LVDS Display
  • used by mikroBUS
  • expansion connector use for spidev enabled with k3-am65xx-phytec-expansion-sample.dtbo overlay
main_spi2NoDisabled 3
main_spi3NoDisabled 3
mcu_spi1NoDisabled 3
  • used by NOR Flash on Carrier Board
mcu_ospi1NoDisabled 2
MCASPYesNomcasp0NoDisabled 1
  • expansion connector
mcasp1NoDisabled 2
mcasp2NoDisabled 2
ADCYesNoadc0YesDisabled 1
  • expansion connector
  • enabled with k3-am65xx-phytec-expansion-sample.dtbo overlay
PCIeYesNopcie0NoDisabled 2
  • PCIe x1 slot X20 on Carrier Board
OLDIYesNoLVDS DisplayYesOkay
  • Display connector X24 on Carrier Board
  • expansion connecter use enabled with k3-am65xx-phytec-expansion-sample.dtbo overlay
eCAP (PRU-ICSS)NoNoprg0_ecap0NoDisabled 3
prg1_ecap0NoDisabled 3
prg2_ecap0NoDisabled 3
eQEPNoNoeqep0NoDisabled 2
eqep1NoDisabled 2
PWMYesNoehrpwm0NoDisabled 3
ehrpwm1NoDisabled 3
ehrpwm2NoDisabled 3
  • used by LCD Display Backlight by default
ehrpwm4NoDisabled 3
ehrpwm5NoDisabled 3
PWM (PRU-ICSS)NoNoprg0_pwm0No

Disabled 3


NoDisabled 3
prg0_pwm2NoDisabled 3
prg0_pwm3NoDisabled 3


NoDisabled 3
prg1_pwm1NoDisabled 3
prg1_pwm2NoDisabled 3
prg1_pwm3NoDisabled 3
prg2_pwm0NoDisabled 3
prg2_pwm1NoDisabled 3
prg2_pwm2NoDisabled 3
prg2_pwm3NoDisabled 3
MIPI DPINoNoMIPI DPI-2 DisplayNoDisabled 1
  • expansion connector
MIPI CSINoNoMIPI CSI-2 CameraNoDisabled 1
  • Camera connector X22 on Carrier Board
GPMCNoNogpmc0NoDisabled 2

  • ARM 20-pin JTAG

  • Compact TI 20-pin JTAG

The following table lists the peripherals connected to the above interfaces on the phyCORE-AM65x SOM and carrier board. 

  • Support - the interface has software support available in BSP
  • Tested  - the interface has been configured and tested by PHYTEC 
  • Status in Device Tree - the corresponding device tree nodes are enabled in the device tree

PeripheralDetailSupport (Linux)Support (U-Boot)TestedStatus in Device TreeNotes


Micro Crystal RV-3028-C7YesNoYesOkay
EEPROMSTMicroelectronics M24C32-DFMC6TGYesYesYesOkay
BluetoothLaird Sterling-LWB 450-0152YesNoYesOkay
WiFiLaird Sterling-LWB 450-0152YesNoYesDisabled 1
  • enabled with k3-am65xx-phytec-wlan.dtbo overlay
DDR4Micron MT40A512M16JY-083EN/AYesYesOkay
  • configured in U-Boot for use in U-Boot and Linux
NOR FlashMicron MT35XU512ABA1G12-0SITYesYesYesOkay
Security ModuleNXP A7102CHTK2/T0BC2AJNoNoNoDisabled 3

[1] Interface or peripheral requires additional software configuration to enable.

[2] Interface is accessible by SOM connectors but signals may conflict with other interfaces and requires hardware evaluation and/or additional software configuration to enable.

[3] Software support is not currently available.

New in this Release

  • General
    • Add support for PHYTEC phyCORE-AM65x SOM (PCM-067) PCB revision 1498.2 (AM65x Silicon Revision 2.0)
  • Linux
    • General:
      • Migrate to v5.4.74 base from TI SDK v07.01
    • USB:
      • Enable USB3.0 support on USB0
  • U-Boot
    • Migrate to v2020.01 base from TI SDK v07.01
  • Yocto
    • Migrate to v3.1 (Dunfell) base from TI SDK v07.01
    • Update Laird Sterling-LWB driver and firmware to v8.2.0.16

Known Issues

phyCORE-AM65x Known Issues

Technical Support

For further support please visit PHYTEC's Support Portal