There is one JTAG interface on the phyCORE-i.MX7 development kit, located on the PEB-D-RPI Expansion Board at connector X5. This guide will show you how to establish a connection over this interface. 

Various IDEs and debug probes can be used to debug the phyCORE-i.MX7 development kit.

In order to follow this guide exactly, you will need a J-Link KS and the Ozone J-Link debugger software by SEGGER.

JTAG Probe

Debugger Software

Ozone J-Link Debugger

Step-by-Step Guide

Connecting the JTAG Device to the Kit

Connecting or disconnecting the J-Link probe, while the phyCORE-i.MX7 is powered on, can trigger a reboot of the board.

The style of JTAG connector on the phyCORE-i.MX7 development kit is an ARM 20 pin interface. Pin 1 is indicated on the very edge of the PCB by a white dot.

  • Using the ribbon cable attached to the probe, align the colored signal line with the dot for pin 1 and connect the ribbon cable to the X5 connector.

  • Connect the J-Link Probe to your Host Machine using a USB AB cable.
  • Power on the phyCORE-i.MX7

Make Sure the JTAG Device is Connected to the Host Machine

When first connecting the J-Link Debug Probe to your Windows Host Machine it will likely be an unrecognized device.

  • Navigate to the Device Manager (hit the Windows key, type device manager, and then hit enter)
  • Locate your unidentified device in the list of devices.
  • Select the device and have windows automatically search the web for a compatible driver.

Creating a New Project in Ozone

In order to establish a connection, a new project needs to be created in Ozone for the phyCORE-i.MX7.

  • Upon starting Ozone, you should be prompted with a New Project Wizard, otherwise head to File > New > New Project Wizard...
  • Under "Device", locate and select MCIMX7D3_A7_0 in the window that appears and then hit OK. 
  • Leave the "Peripherals" field empty and select Next.

  • Ensure that JTAG is the "Target Interface", USB is the "Host Interface"
  • Any speed is fine (we will set this to detect the speed automatically in the next steps). Hit Next.

  • Browse for a Program file. This will be unique to the target device and will be included with your installation of Ozone.
    • Navigate to <Where you installed Ozone>\Ozone V2.62e\Devices\NXP\iMX7D\NXP_iMX7D_SABRE_Board_QSPI.elf and select this .elf file before hitting Open.

  • Select Finish.
  • Navigate to Tools > J-Link Settings > Target Interface (via the button with the 3 dots)
  • Set the Speed to auto and then select Close. 

Start Debugging

Navigate to Debug > Start Debugging > Attach to Running Program