How can I read the SOM serial number from software? 


The phyCORE-i.MX7 serial number is the same as the MAC address. This can be read from the sticker on the SOM and is in the following format:

In this example the SOM has two MAC addresses. The first MAC address is the serial number. 

  • 5025F413F835 (Serial Number)
  • 5025F413F836

The MAC addresses are programmed to the i.MX7 on chip one time programmable (OTP) registers by PHYTEC. Note that these can only be programmed once and the data persists. The MAC address that corresponds to the serial number can be read from U-Boot using the following commands:

Target (U-Boot)

fuse read 9 0
fuse read 9 1
fuse read 9 2

Below is an example output:

=> fuse read 9 0
Reading bank 9:
Word 0x00000000: f413f835
=> fuse read 9 1
Reading bank 9:
Word 0x00000001: f836502d
fuse read 9 2
Reading bank 9:
Word 0x00000002: 502df413

In this case the serial number can be assembled from the first and second reads: 5025F413F835