The phyCORE-i.MX7 development kit provides a single lane Mini PCI Express Gen 2.0 interface with an integrated PHY supporting a data rate up to 5Gbps. The bus is accessible at a standard Mini-PCIe connector at X12.

A 1.5V supply rail (VLDO2_1V5) is provided at the phyCORE-Connector from the PMIC to support Mini-PCI Express on the phyBOARD-i.MX7 development kit. This 1.5V rail can provide a load current of up to 250mA.

According to the PCI Express Mini Card Electromechanical Specification, the maximum peak current for the 1.5V rail is 500mA. Not all devices will need this maximum load current, or even utilize the 1.5V rail. However, it should be noted that the 250mA supplied by the VLDO2_1V5 PMIC rail may not be sufficient for certain devices.