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This BSP provides a basis for development, deployment and execution of Linux based applications on the phyCORE-OMAP44xx System on Module (SOM). For detailed information on the various software components included in the release and how to use them, please refer to the Quickstart.


Windows Embedded CompactBased on TI Release BSP_WINCE_A9 - TI r26 BSP

This Release is compatible with the following hardware:

BSP Release VersionBSP Release DateSOM PCB VersionCB PCB Version
PD12.2.0September 21st, 20121347.11348.2

BSP Download

Release PD12.2.0 can be downloaded from the link below.



Release PD12.2.0 should be used in conjunction with Quickstart version L-763e_0:

What’s Supported

This BSP Release supports the following components:

  • Boot Modes: NAND Flash; NOR Flash; SD Card; Image download over KITL
  • UART: RS-232 on UART_3 - EBOOT and debugging; all other UART not tested
  • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbit - LAN92211 over GPMC
  • SD/MMC : SDMMC_1; all other SDMMC not tested
  • USB: USB_OTG - ActiveSync; USB Host - Memory devices, keyboard, mouse
  • SPI driver
  • I2C driver
  • EEPROM: at24 on I2C_1
  • PMIC: TWL6030 on I2C_1
  • RTC: PMIC (TWL6030) RTC - GetSystemTime and SetSystemTime functions
  • TSC: STMPE811 on I2C_4 (device on carrier board)
  • Display: Prime View PM070WL4 LVDS (LCD-017-070W)
  • Audio: Mixer, Line in, Line out, MIC in
  • Codecs: MPEG, DivX, H.264, JPEG
  • DVFS: up to 1 GHz

What’s Not Supported

This BSP Release does not support the following components:

  • OpenGL
  • OpenVG
  • Camera Interface: MT9M001, MT9V022 - Available upon request
  • Video Encoder: Streaming, TV - Available upon request
  • 1 wire: Available upon request
  • Power Management: Suspend to RAM - Available upon request

Fixed in this Release


New in this Release

  • Merged together with TI r26 BSP Release
  • Video codec support
  • SPI tested

Known Issues


Upgrade and Compatibility Information

To upgrade to a new BSP release, simply delete the old release and extract the new release in its place.



Validation Information

Drivers have been tested with in-house test cases.

Technical Support

For further information or to report any problems, contact PHYTEC Technical Support.