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PHYTEC Product Family


Processor Family

NXP Vybrid

Processor Architecture

ARM Cortex A5/ ARM Cortex M4

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This page contains technical information for the PHYTEC phyCORE-Vybrid. Look through the various tabs to find documentation, software releases, diagrams and drawings, and more. This page should help you get started with your development project utilizing the phyCORE-Vybrid.

Working with an Evaluation Kit?

If you have ordered an evaluation kit for the phyCORE-Vybrid you should locate the "Evaluation Kits" tab and find your specific kit. The associated evaluation kit page has more detailed information on the kit including QuickStart guides, software images, carrier board design information and more.

Designing a Custom Carrier Board?

Check out the "Documentation" and "Diagrams and Drawings" tabs for specifications and design guidelines.

Developing Software?

The BSPs on the "Software" tab can be used as a reference for developing your production ready software application. The BSPs support, and are tested on, standard configurations of the phyCORE-Vybrid and PHYTEC provides reference images and source code that target PHYTEC evaluation kits featuring PHYTEC SOMs and SBCs. If you are adapting the BSP to your own custom SOM or custom carrier board then you will want to use the closest evaluation kit configuration as your reference and modify the BSP accordingly.

Need to order hardware?

Contact PHYTEC sales. Call 800-278-9913 or send an email to sales@phytec.com.

Unsure what hardware you need?

Contact PHYTEC sales department for help on picking out a PHYTEC product or solution to fit your needs. Call 800-278-9913 or send an email to sales@phytec.com.

Have technical questions?

Visit the PHYTEC Service Desk. Sign up and login here.


Hardware Manual

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Other Documents

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Processor Information

For most updated information including processor data-sheets and reference manuals please visit NXP VF6xx



Current Release

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Current Release

Archive Releases

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Component Placement and Dimensional Diagrams

 PL1374.0 (PCB)

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 PL1374.1 (PCB)

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Socket Connector Part Number: Samtec BSH-060-01-L-D-A-TR 

Terminal Connector Part Number: Samtec BTH-060-01-L-D-A-K-TR 


Register for schematics here: PHYTEC Schematic Registration

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